Welcome, fellow Planeswalker, to the Magic: The Gathering club at Georgia Tech! We are excited to offer a space for MTG players of all experience levels to play and hang out. No matter whether you're trying to pick up the game for the first time or an experienced veteran, we are happy to have you here. Join us every Friday for regular game nights, and keep an eye out on our calendar for special events. Happy spell-slinging!

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Aidan Hrinsin (President)

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Michael Stamey (Vice-President)

Michael Stamey is a class of 2025 Computer Science major. Michael's start in magic came in the form of Dragons of Tarkir pre-release. After pulling his first mythic in Dragonlord Silumgar, he would dominantly play Blue-Black lists any chance he got. His personal favorite formats come in Commander, with his deck of choice being a Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow turns deck, and limited, where he commonly pilots a sub-par black/x midrange shell, but is be willing to proxy up anything as long as he can play counterspells. He is super excited to see everyone and show off more fun and exciting brews!

Baxter (Treasurer)

Coming Soon!

Isaac Moran (Secretary)

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William Garrison (Advisor)

William Garrison has been working at Georgia Tech since 2014, being a Linux sysadmin for a research lab, Astrolavos. William started playing in his youth during Urza's Saga, but took a long break until original Innistrad. He likes most formats - but has a special place in his heart for Modern and EDH. His current favorite EDH is Golos Maze's End.


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